About Me

My Story

I started Adapted Creations because I had a simple dream that I believed that I could do anything I put my energy and focus to.  Was it scary at first heck yeah.  But I believed that you can do anything if you just try.  When I look back to the beginning, I just remember being so nervous and way too shy to just put myself out there.  No matter how old or how young you are, if you put your mind to it you can achieve great things.  I started off with a few ideas and achievement that I did naturally and was good at and expanded my journey from there.  

I am a woman, wife, mother and mentor.  I have struggles just like everyone else, things that I have to over come and at times do them really badly but on the odd occasion, I would surprise myself.  When I had my beautiful daughter I decided to become a stay home mum and devote my existence in developing and nurturing an amazing person.  I wanted to be there for her and watch her journey develop with her (not that you cant do that working) but I am so grateful that we were in a position that I could do that.  But in achieving all that I lost some of myself and forgot about me.  Hence starting Adapted Creations.  I chose the name because it meant for me (creating something for a new purpose)  I am re-creating my skills that I have and creating new skills to achieve a purpose.  

Believe In Yourself And Your Journey Will Be Created!